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The circuit works much like the original Strobos. except that a fluorescent tube is used. Thus, the fluorescent tube zündbereit remains constant, the two electrodes of the tube are continuously transformer Ta1 supplied with electricity. This current makes the two resistance wires of the glow tube in, so the mercury evaporates into the tube and the electron emission is simplified. Ta2 Returns on the rectifier “D1-D4 , the voltage of the multivibrator, the ignition frequency of the tube is responsible for. The speed of the AMV is with potentiometer P1 set. The pulse then passes through R3 to T3, is amplified there and controls the bias for the triac, the conducting of these alternates. If so, then the circuit through the tube and the ballast closes and the tube can light up. The pulses of T3 also enter via the capacitor C3 to the gate of the thyristor Th1. READ MORE

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